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New Beta Site For thegulfcoastgeek.com


ALERT: gulfcoastgeek.com is back online

Please check out my new beta site at: gulfcoastgeek.com

During this beta phase, I will be fine-tuning the site’s content, navigation and layout based on the feedback of users like you. Note that this is not the final site.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working hard to make the website a much nicer, simpler, user friendly environment for you and I’m very nearly there. In addition I have added a new e-commerce solution as my current solution isn’t robust enough to accommodate my future growth.

I wanted to give you an early peek whilst I’m still working on a few tweaks before the official launch. I’ve identified a few issues that I’m currently working on and there are lots of tweaks to pictures and descriptions across the whole site that are being changed. And, as time goes on, I’ll be putting up lots more tutorials and tips.

The new e-commerce module is fully operational during this stage and reflects the most popular products within my storefront. So…if you, a family member or a friend needs a new media center computer and/or accessory you can order it here! And, all payments are handled through PayPal so you can rest assured your information is safe.

You may encounter the occasional broken link or error message. Let me know! This is what the beta phase is for, and your feedback will enable me to greatly improve the new site.

If you discover anything that I might not have or want to drop me a line anyway, you can do so at support@thegulfcoastgeek.com but do bear in mind the website is being worked on constantly and being changed all the time.

I hope you enjoy!

CT Miller
The Gulf Coast Geek


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