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Watch Live Sports

Whether you’re into college or pro sports, DigiTele (aka SportsDevil) delivers the content you seek!

Blackouts…no bother. Expat from the States (whether another state or country)…no problem. DigiTele delivers the the live content you want to see!

From the Kodi home screen go to DigiTele from your shortcuts or from your Video>Add-ons

Choose Live Sports

You will get the choices below (which are organized by their effectiveness)


If you choose AdhteNet.tv you will get live sports in chronological order. In the example below, I have scrolled down to the Cardinals – Reds game of Saturday, April, 18 (I know…I’m a glutton for punishment).

If you choose VipBox.tv you will live sports based on categories. In the example below, I have again found the Cardinals- Reds game of Saturday, April, 18 by first going to the baseball category and then scrolling down to find my game (again, I’m a masochist).

And that’s it! If you have difficulty with a stream – sometimes you may lose a connection – try another stream from a different provider. Or, in the alternative, restart your current stream (I have had to do this a few times in the past and the stream has started right back up).