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Watch Live Sports on Kodi with SportsDevil

Whether you’re into college or pro sports, SportsDevil, Castaway or Pro Sports deliver the content you seek!

Blackouts…no bother. Expat from the States (whether another state or country)…no problem. SportsDevil, Castaway and Pro Sport deliver the the live content you want to see!

From the your home screen go to SportsDevil, Castaway or Pro Sport from your shortcuts or from your Video AddonsSportsHomePage.640

Choose Live Sports in SportsDevil and Castaway. From Pro Sport, just pick from the professional sports leaguesSportsDevil-LiveSports.640

You will get the choices belowSportsDevilLiveSportsMenu.640

If you choose AdhteNet.tv you will get live sports in chronological order. In the example below, I have scrolled down to the Rangers – Reds game of Tuesday, August 23 (I know…I’m a glutton for punishment).

If you choose LSHunter.tv you will be shown live sports based on categories. In the example below, I have again found the Rangers – Reds game of Tuesday, August 23 by first going to the baseball category and then scrolling down to find my game (again, I’m a masochist).LSHunter-CintiBaseball

And that’s it! Scroll around and choose the providers that you prefer. I have found, for example, that LSHunter and Dimsports to be best for Major League Baseball. Your mileage may vary, however.

If you have difficulty with a stream – sometimes you may lose a connection – try another stream from a different provider. Or, in the alternative, restart your current stream (I have had to do this a few times in the past and the stream has started right back up).

Pro Sport:
As I said before, Pro Sport works a little differently from the other two. Here you choose from the professional league whose game you want to view. Here I’ve chose MLB games.

Below you see all the games for that particular date. If there are no games, you will not see any links. Be advised: Even though I use MLB as an example here, they are having some issue providing MLB games. I have used Pro Sport for NHL and NFL games with no issues, however.ProSportsMLB.640

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