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Watch Streaming Movies/TV on Kodi

Navigate to the Movies home screen and choose SALTS from the featured apps section (seen below) or from the Movies submenu.MainMenuSALTS.640

Choose Movies from the SALTS main menu. You will see the choices below. You will notice I have highlighted the Trending Movies menu item. Like Exodus, this is a good place to find new popular movies. And like Exodus, don’t limit yourself to one menu item. Take some time and check them all out.SALTS-Trending.640


Here is the first screen of those films are trending on Trakt.tv, which SALTS uses for this – and other – purposes. Again, you can see more choices by scrolling to the bottom and choosing Next Page.SALTS-Trending2.640


Like Exodus, your movie will start automatically. And, like Exodus, if you find the auto stream buffers excessively you can stop the stream and choose a another using Select Source (see below).SALTS-Sources.640


You’ll see a choice of all the sources for that particular movie. In addition, you will see various quality choices e.g., HD1080, High, Medium and Low. HD1080 is kind of self explanatory. High is 720p or greater, Medium is normally 720p and Low is 480p or standard definition.

Now let’s check out Quasar

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