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Remote Help

how can you solve computer problems remotely?

When you have a problem, help is just a mouse click away. Through your high speed internet connection, I can securely connect to your computer and solve the problem while you sit back, watch and (hopefully) learn. No need to pack up your computer and haul it to a local computer repair shop or sit at home waiting for a tech to come to your house.

Most computer repairs are not hardware related, but due to your operating system, application software or computer configuration. You can watch as I do my work or feel free to walk away and do other things while services are performed. If you do have any questions, I’m always available via chat.

Call 941-677-8434 or order below to experience my service from the convenience of your home or small business. Whether you need me to set-up a printer, cure a virus or spyware infection, speed up a slow computer or set-up a home network, thegulfcoastgeek.com has the experience to solve your computer problem.

what specific problems can you assist me with?

virus – spyware – adware and malware removal

If your computer has slowed down significantly over time, then chances are you have some type of infection! I can remove most viruses, spyware, adware and malware by installing the following FREE software tools onto your computer:

  • Antivirus – The web’s #1 FREE Anti-Virus program provides you with unparalleled antivirus and antispyware protection
  • Spyware – FREE real-time protection against spyware, trojans,rootkits, hijackers, keyloggers, and more!
  • Spybots – You can’t be too careful!! So…I add an additional tool that offers real-time protection against spyware, etc., so if there is something the first tools may have missed, we get it with the third.

Once installed, I run a scan of your computer with all of the tools and then remove or quarantine all infected files. Once completed, you can be assured that your computer is guarded from additional infection as the installed tools are yours to keep and will work from then on to keep your system secure. In fact, they update themselves to keep current with new threats!

sounds good! let’s get started! $79.99

pc tune-up

Besides viruses, etc., many other problems can contribute to your computer slowing down or just acting sluggish. Primary among these are junk files that accumulate over time on your system. Temporary internet files, temporary files, cookies, even “trashed” files can bring your pc to a crawl. In addition, as you add and delete programs and/or hardware the registry in Windows (which stores configuration settings and options) tends to accumulate redundant or unneeded items. Because the registry must load when the computer is started, these entries can have a significant impact on a computer’s “boot time”. By installing the highest rated FREE clean-up program, I can scan for junk files and then clean them out of the system as well as the registry . Together we can even review (and disable) which programs run when you start-up, dramatically improving start-up time. Once again, this program is yours to keep and you can run it at any time to help keep your system clean.

even better! let’s get started! $39.99

better yet! sign me up for two sessions with a discount! $64.99

network security

Did you know that many reports estimate that 50-70% of home and small business networks are unsecured, leaving them vulnerable to hackers, identity thieves,piggybackers, “wardrivers” and maybe worse? In fact, you may be held responsible for illegal activities facilitated through your network! Don’t take a chance! Let me help you secure your wireless network to thwart the bad guys. In addition, I can provide you with the tools to secure your network against all but the most ambitious hacker (and since most hackers are inherently lazy…they likely will move on to a more vulnerable target or system).

wow…help me get secure! let’s get started! $59.99

network set-up

Having problems with your wireless network or need to share files and a printer between PCs? I can configure your computers and connect your printer to be shared over the network!

i NEED networking! let’s get started! $49.99

device set-up

Whether you need help with your music player or installing a new printer, scanner or digital camera, I can assist you in installing or using that new device you have in your home or small business.

whew…what a bargain! let’s get started! $39.99

Don’t see your particular issue or problem? Don’t worry! Just because it’s not listed, doesn’t mean I can’t help you. Feel free to contact me and I’ll let you know if I can help. See my contact page here