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Posted October 20, 2016 By geek


ALERT: is back online

Please check out my new beta site at:

During this beta phase, I will be fine-tuning the site’s content, navigation and layout based on the feedback of users like you. Note that this is not the final site.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working hard to make the website a much nicer, simpler, user friendly environment for you and I’m very nearly there. In addition I have added a new e-commerce solution as my current solution isn’t robust enough to accommodate my future growth.

I wanted to give you an early peek whilst I’m still working on a few tweaks before the official launch. I’ve identified a few issues that I’m currently working on and there are lots of tweaks to pictures and descriptions across the whole site that are being changed. And, as time goes on, I’ll be putting up lots more tutorials and tips.

The new e-commerce module is fully operational during this stage and reflects the most popular products within my storefront. So…if you, a family member or a friend needs a new media center computer and/or accessory you can order it here! And, all payments are handled through PayPal so you can rest assured your information is safe.

You may encounter the occasional broken link or error message. Let me know! This is what the beta phase is for, and your feedback will enable me to greatly improve the new site.

If you discover anything that I might not have or want to drop me a line anyway, you can do so at but do bear in mind the website is being worked on constantly and being changed all the time.

I hope you enjoy!

CT Miller
The Gulf Coast Geek


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How to Install the NEW Sportsdevil App for Kodi

Posted March 28, 2016 By thegcgeek

UPDATE: The newest version (Oct 10) is available on my add-ons site. Make sure you update. For best results, uninstall your current version and then install the new version. And make sure you visit my site often for updates and tips.

SportsDevil is a popular add-on due to all the links to live sporting events that it offers. There is an unofficial SportsDevil Repository that is pre-installed if you purchased your Media Center from us. Otherwise, you could install SportsDevil (and its repository) from the Community Portal. See my post here about how to go about that.

By following the instructions below, you will be installing the addon but not its corresponding repository. So…when the developer makes an update you will have to reinstall as per the instructions.

To get the latest updates, you will need to check periodically on my website or you can subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll keep you informed of new addons and updates. To install the latest update, you will need to add my addons directory to your sources.

Select SYSTEM > File Manager

Select Add Source

  • Select None

Type the following EXACTLY and select Done

  • Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source & type thegcgeek

  • Select OK

  • Go back to your Home Screen

  • Select SYSTEM>Settings

  • Select Add-Ons

  • Select Install from zip file

  • Navigate to the “thegcgeek” source in the first step and select

  • Wait for the Add-on enabled notification

The add-on is now installed and ready to use. As usual you can launch the add-on via VIDEOS > Add-Ons > SportsDevil. Please continue reading for further info

No matter what date the add-on zip has the correct SportsDevil version number is always


Recommended Channels for SportsDevil Any live links Any live links Bein Espanol; Bein Sport US and live links ‘Now Playing’ links and live links Any live links ‘Now Playing’ links Any live links ‘Now Playing’ links and live links

But try them all and let me know what you think

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Watch Live Sports on Kodi with SportsDevil

Posted July 22, 2015 By thegcgeek

Whether you’re into college or pro sports, SportsDevil, Castaway or Pro Sports deliver the content you seek!

Blackouts…no bother. Expat from the States (whether another state or country)…no problem. SportsDevil, Castaway and Pro Sport deliver the the live content you want to see!

From the your home screen go to SportsDevil, Castaway or Pro Sport from your shortcuts or from your Video AddonsSportsHomePage.640

Choose Live Sports in SportsDevil and Castaway. From Pro Sport, just pick from the professional sports leaguesSportsDevil-LiveSports.640

You will get the choices belowSportsDevilLiveSportsMenu.640

If you choose you will get live sports in chronological order. In the example below, I have scrolled down to the Rangers – Reds game of Tuesday, August 23 (I know…I’m a glutton for punishment).

If you choose you will be shown live sports based on categories. In the example below, I have again found the Rangers – Reds game of Tuesday, August 23 by first going to the baseball category and then scrolling down to find my game (again, I’m a masochist).LSHunter-CintiBaseball

And that’s it! Scroll around and choose the providers that you prefer. I have found, for example, that LSHunter and Dimsports to be best for Major League Baseball. Your mileage may vary, however.

If you have difficulty with a stream – sometimes you may lose a connection – try another stream from a different provider. Or, in the alternative, restart your current stream (I have had to do this a few times in the past and the stream has started right back up).

Pro Sport:
As I said before, Pro Sport works a little differently from the other two. Here you choose from the professional league whose game you want to view. Here I’ve chose MLB games.

Below you see all the games for that particular date. If there are no games, you will not see any links. Be advised: Even though I use MLB as an example here, they are having some issue providing MLB games. I have used Pro Sport for NHL and NFL games with no issues, however.ProSportsMLB.640

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Watch Streaming Movies/TV on Kodi

Posted July 22, 2015 By thegcgeek

So many choices…so little time!

Ok…you want to watch some films or TV. We understand! Otherwise, why else (besides Live Sports) would you have invested in your Mini Media Center? The following add-ons should be all that you need to watch the latest in streaming movies and TV. You can also download movies from the Quasar add-on configured to use a USB flash or hard drive plugged into your MMC.

ExodusIconExodus: Exodus is definitely one of the best add-ons for 2016. I have found the Exodus add-on to be very reliable at getting just about anything I can think of. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t come across bad links (as you would in almost any video streaming add-on), but I have minimal bad links with Exodus and have yet to find a show that I can’t watch using it.

SaltsIconSALTS – Stream All The Sources: Stream All The Sources is a video addon that allows you to get streams from a lot of different sources. SALTS uses for content discovery, metadata, artwork, list management, and general browsing of movie/TV Show content. Hoster aggregation sites (e.g. are then only used when starting playback for an Episode or Movie.

QuasarIconQuasar: The Quasar add-on is the number one method for streaming torrent movies and TV shows that brings support and new features to the add-on such as library integration and multi-torrent support.



There are a couple of ways to access the above add-ons. One way is to choose your add-on from the “featured apps” above the Movies section of your home screen or from the Movies submenu.MoviesHome.640

OR…you can choose Addons Video submenu from the main menu to get the the following screen(s).Menu-AddonsVideo.640

Scroll down to see all of the video addons installedAddonsVideo.640

Lets get started with Exodus:

Navigate to the Movies home screen and choose Exodus from the featured apps section (seen below) or from the Movies submenu.Menu-Exodus.640

Choose Movies from the Exodus main menu. You will see the choices below. You will notice I have highlighted the People Watching menu item. This is a good place to find new popular movies. Don’t limit yourself to one menu item, however. Have a look around and check out some of the others and you may find you have a favorite or two. In fact, you can add your favorites to the main favorites section for easy access as a later time.ExodusPeopleWatching.640

Here is the first screen of those films that others are currently watching thru the addon.You can see more choices by scrolling to the bottom and choosing Next Page.Exodus-PeopleWatching2.640

Once you start a movie you’ll notice it starts automatically. This is by choice and is a super feature of Exodus and Stream All The Sources. If you find the auto stream is excessively buffering you can stop the stream and choose a stream thru the context menu (right click with mouse; c on a keyboard ) using Play using (see below).Exodus-PlayUsing.640

You’ll see a choice of all the sources for that particular movie. In addition, you will see various quality choices e.g., HQ, HD and SD. HQ is 720p or greater, HD is normally 720p and SD is 480p or standard definition. The auto loaded streams are restricted to 720p or less as this provides the best viewing experience for most people (unless you are paying for higher tiered internet speed from your provider.Exodus-PlayUsing2.640

Now let’s take a peek at SALTS

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Notice: The supplied WiFi Adapter works only with Wireless Network (2.4GHz b/g/n) and does not work with Wireless Network 5GHz!

From the Kodi home screen go to OpenElec Configuration under Programs Tab

Kodi Program Screen

Under Connections Tab select your network and click OK it.

When pop up menu appears hit Connect

When the Virtual keyboard appears type in your WiFi network password and hit Done.

If your password is accepted you should see issued IP Address so that means you are connected to your WiFi network.

Things to check if wireless does not work:

– You do not have an Ethernet cable plugged in!

– Check there are no spaces and strange characters in the network name or passphrase

– Check there are no spaces and strange characters in the network name or passphrase

– Check your network is not hidden

– Check your network does not have MAC address control active (if it does, make sure the wlan0 MAC is listed)

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