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How to Install the NEW Sportsdevil App for Kodi

UPDATE: The newest version (Oct 10) is available on my add-ons site. Make sure you update. For best results, uninstall your current version and then install the new version. And make sure you visit my site often for updates and tips. SportsDevil is a popular add-on due to all the links to live sporting events […]

Watch Live Sports on Kodi with SportsDevil

Whether you’re into college or pro sports, SportsDevil, Castaway or Pro Sports deliver the content you seek! Blackouts…no bother. Expat from the States (whether another state or country)…no problem. SportsDevil, Castaway and Pro Sport deliver the the live content you want to see! From the your home screen go to SportsDevil, Castaway or Pro Sport […]

Watch Streaming Movies/TV on Kodi

So many choices…so little time! Ok…you want to watch some films or TV. We understand! Otherwise, why else (besides Live Sports) would you have invested in your Mini Media Center? The following add-ons should be all that you need to watch the latest in streaming movies and TV. You can also download movies from the […]

Setting up your wireless network on OpenELEC – Kodi

Notice: The supplied WiFi Adapter works only with Wireless Network (2.4GHz b/g/n) and does not work with Wireless Network 5GHz! From the Kodi home screen go to OpenElec Configuration under Programs Tab Under Connections Tab select your network and click OK it. When pop up menu appears hit Connect When the Virtual keyboard appears type […]